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Jin Shin Jyutsu (jin-shin-JIT-soo) is a healing method similar to acupressure or reflexology that uses gentle pressure to free up energy blocks in the body. The idea is that as energy flows freely, the body will heal itself from everyday stresses and potential illness, since all systems will work harmoniously. Think of it as "tuning up" your energy system, with the hands of the practitioner serving as jumper cables.

With the stresses of modern day life, Jin Shin is particularly suited to replenish lost energy and provide relief from conditions that can be difficult to treat with other healing modalities e.g. vertigo, facial tics, Bell's Palsy, post-operative side effects and conditions to hasten the healing process; the side-effects of chemo-therapy, headaches, migraines, earaches, sinus, digestive problems, insomnia, blood-pressure (high or low), grief, fear, and anxiety.

A Jin Shin Jyutsu session lasts for about an hour. The client lies on a table, fully clothed. The practitioner first "listens" to your pulses by holding both wrists. This indicates which areas of your body are weak and need balancing. The practitioner then "holds" particular pressure points, called Safety Energy Locks. For example, a practitioner may hold a spot on your shoulder (#11) together with one on the opposite knee (#1). These correspond to specific blocks in your body. The touch is gentle, steady and never involves force. Generally speaking it is pain free. Any tenderness in a particular area caused by a blockage tends to dissipate as the area is touched. The pressure points are held until the pulses come into synch with one another.

While our Western society is conditioned to view physical work as effective if it's vigorous, Jin Shin is extremely subtle. While it is not a replacement for proper medical care and diagnosis, it is a powerful way to wake up the body's own self-healing ability. Our bodies, minds and spirits are designed to heal themselves. You cut your finger and it heals; break a bone and it mends; lose a loved one and you grieve and heal. Jin Shin Jyutsu replenishes our bodies' energy bank and re-establishes an avenue for self-healing to occur.

The YIPs, by Michael E Fisher

After reading an article in the May 26, 2014 New Yorker headed "The YIPS" by David Owen, I am drawn to investigate Jin Shin Jyutsu as a therapeutic model to help people suffering from this problem.

The premise is based on the work I have done with clients suffering from neurological disorders, which they have found difficult to eliminate through conventional allopathic methodologies.

"The malady consists of an involuntary disruptive movement of the hands, wrists or forearms. In golf, it affects putting or chipping, it can effect full swings too.

Versions of it have been known over the years by many names among them 'freezing' , the 'Waggles', the 'Straggles', the 'Jerks', 'Whiskey fingers' and 'the Yips.

Cricket bowlers suffer from a similar disability, which they also call 'the Yips'; in Darts the problem is 'Darties' ; in Snooker 'Cueitis'; in Archery 'Target Panic' ; in Gun Shooting 'Flinching' ;in Baseball pitching 'the Creature,' 'the Monster' and 'Steve Bass disease.'

Athletes and sports fans have generally assumed that 'Yipping' and its variants are a form of performance anxiety or choking."

Yipping also is usually extremely task specific. It is my intention to build up a body of cases, related to the problem, to show that 'Jin shin Jyutsu' is applicable as a therapeutic model to help eliminate what appears at the moment to be a rather ephemeral problem still under investigation. This work continues to evolve.


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