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About Michael Fisher

Michael Fisher was born and educated in Johannesburg, South Africa. On completion of his Matric year, he won a scholarship to study Social Science in Jerusalem in 1958. On his return to South Africa he entered the theatre and broadcasting world. After appearing in the longest running musical production in the history of South African theatre, he went to London in 1960 and won the Amherst-Webber scholarship to the Webber-Douglas School of Singing and Dramatic Art, as a means of getting into the theatre in England. His Mentor was Sir Donald Wolfitt. He toured extensively in England with four productions and appeared on TV. He returned to South Africa on holiday, and never went back to England. He was an integral part of the theatre, broadcast, film and TV scene in South Africa for 21 years.

He also taught L.T.C.L (Licentiate Trinity College of London) students intending to teach or go into theatre at the prestigious Maas-Philips college in Cape Town from 1972 to 1975. This included broadcasting techniques. He directed annual children's theatre productions. During his tenure in the theatre and later, he was a regular volunteer reader for 'Tape Aides for the Blind' for 15 years.

In 1978 Michael left the theatre and went into commerce. He was mentored by the Sales Manager of the Business Machine Division of a large South African public company. He learned how to run regular motivational sales meetings, including every aspect of how to manage a team, from 'cold canvasing' to personally looking after some of the top South African banking and building society accounts. In 1980, Michael became joint Sales Manager. Then as part of the Company he was seconded to help open and run the Business Machine Exhibition Division. Michael was lured back to head up the Drama Department of the School for the Performing Arts in Johannesburg in 1985. Later he was offered the post of Principal at the Boston College, School of Advertising and Design, which was newly created in Johannesburg.

One day he received a call from the Chairman of the public company that he had worked for and he was invited to join a manufacturing Pret-A-Porte' Fashion Company. When he told the Chairman he knew nothing about fashion, the chairman replied "You are street-wise, you'll learn the business in three weeks." He was appointed as Marketing Director, responsible for working with the designers, fashion agents, large corporate stores and fashion houses, assisting in forecasting future collections and colour trends.

Michael always wanted to be of service, so in 1993 he embarked as a volunteer in his spare time at 'Hospice' Johannesburg, responsible for counselling both the dying and bereaved family members. Because of his extensive training, he became a trainer for volunteers at Hospice.

In 1987 Michael attended the School of Business Leadership seminar at the University of South Africa, run by the eminent International Negotiator, Wynand Pienaar, for Negotiating Skills.

In 1989, Michael fulfilled a lifelong dream of working in Alternative Health Care. He entered the South African Institute of Reflexology, where he studied Anatomy and Physiology, apart from the hands-on training in the discipline of Reflexology. In 1990 Michael opened a full-time practice in Johannesburg, where he soon attracted a large client base, slowly adding other disciplines (click on Resonance Repatterning and Jin Shin Jyutsu tabs). During this period Michael won numerous awards and citations.

Michael and his partner decided to settle in Vancouver, BC, Canada in 1998. Through numerous talks and demonstrations at health food stores e.g. Choices, and Banyan Books, the definitive bookstore that promoted Integrative medicine in Vancouver, Michael soon attracted a large following from people interested in Holistic Medicine in Vancouver. He has kept up-to-date by constantly honing his skills by attending seminars and Re-takes in the United States, and Toronto, Canada.

Recently, Michael was invited to be part of a panel at a forum of medical practitioners and alternative health practitioners at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, where he presented a paper on 'Resonance Repatterning.' He has appeared in radio interviews beamed from America and has written for a number of journals and publications dedicated to Integrative Healing Practices in Canada and the United States.

Within the last five years Michael has attracted clients internationally in England, Bali, Switzerland, towns and cities in Canada; and from Pennsylvania, New York City, Los Angeles and Seattle in the United States.

This bio takes Michael Fisher to the present, where he runs a busy, successful practice in all four disciplines in Vancouver, Canada. His extensive experience has helped him to hone his listening and communication skills, an invaluable aid to any mentor. A finely tuned sense of perception and intuition cannot be taught, it can only be caught.

Michael's other interests are Fine Art, as a painter; short story writer, and he has had numerous articles printed in various publications; and music.

"In order to do something you have never done, you're going to have to become someone you've never been." - Brian Tracey

"A Truth is only a Truth, if you make it a Truth for yourself." - Michael Fisher

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