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Resonance Repatterning System- Corporate/Business/Arts - Group Presentations/Repatternings
  1. Where we talk about Positive Intentions, business talks about Mission Statements and meeting corporate objectives. Corporate or small business ventures always need to retain their vision in order to achieve economic/monetary success, job satisfaction with an ascending graph.
  2. Motivation - in order to achieve the objectives, management and staff need to be motivated to attain their objectives, and remove any obstacles that stand in their way as unconscious patterns of negative repetitive behaviour.
  3. Resonance Repatterning needs to be sold like a product that produces results i.e. features and benefits. This is where the presenter/practitioner explains the process of a R.R. session and its resultant benefits i.e. greater coherence - more centred, grounded, motivated and success oriented.
  4. The client needs to identify and resonate with the market they are going into - nobody wants to be in a situation where they have a service/product nobody wants to buy.
  5. Consequently key aspirants need to 'resonate' with attracting the right business opportunities.
  6. The same applies to strategic partners and suppliers, be it of product or services.
  7. The company needs to attract quality key staff, management and associates.
  8. Any company or organization looks for continued growth and creative opportunities.
  9. Its needs to continuously manifest the financial resources to make growth happen.
  10. Resonance Repatterning creates the right mind-set for all of the above to happen.
  11. R.R creates the right mind-set for tackling challenges which we call 'problems to opportunities,' incorporating the new 'Chaos Theory.'
  12. Good communication skills within and emanating from the company are essential i.e. internal politics and business ethics - all the unconscious patterns around this need to be identified, working with the corporate structure's innate wisdom as to how it wishes to attain greater coherence at a physical/mental/emotional and spirit level.
Let's take a corporate example to illustrate the above. I have purposely removed it from the business environment to the arts community to illustrate how it can apply right across the board - this could even be applied back to the Resonance Repatterning Institute/Association.

The Apple Theatre Company that does not have a permanent home, but puts on two to three productions a year consist of:
  1. The management i.e. the producers who raise necessary financing and capital; from backers, and plough back revenue from previous productions.
  2. The producer/director who physically directs productions.
  3. Set and scenic designers and workshop/costume designer and workshop.
  4. Stage management and crew - stage technicians - sound and lighting technicians - front of house management.
  5. Musical director and musicians, if it is a musical.
All of these people need to be on the same page as to what they want for every aspect of a production i.e. full houses, artistic and financial success, good publicity, long runs when possible and high profile artistic awards i.e. Tony's, Emmy's, etc. that help to generate guaranteed full houses.

Every single one of these people are key players who, when it all comes together enjoy financial and artistic rewards; resulting in job satisfaction and greater personal coherence; which is ultimately what we all desire.

I have done this to illustrate that what we see as an audience is just the tip of the iceberg and all of these people need to be paid. So the 'product' is the production, and the benefits are: bums on seats and artistic and financial success and satisfaction.

I have a specific format that I have designed in order to approach and facilitate a group session of Resonance Repatterning that is specific in its content and order for the above scenario that I will not go into here.

It would be a good idea, although not essential, that you find out some information on the Company/ business, etc. before setting up the interview appointment, in order to secure a session. People are always impressed if you use their language and are able to talk to them in an informed way. Last and not least see that you are talking to the decision makers, not someone lower down the ladder who is wildly impressed but can't relay your information accurately to the decision maker, so you get a no or a lukewarm reception. People who put up objections to what you are telling them are usually interested and engaged, provided you can give them satisfactory answers. Often the people who say, "this sounds absolutely wonderful. I'll let you know," you can discount.

Times that Business will find it necessary to have Corporate Resonance Repatterning Sessions:
  1. Formulating a Mission Statement, Vision, new Brand names, corporate name or trademarks.
  2. Acquiring or starting a new business, or division
  3. Mergers, business combinations to maximize the synergies and help the staff adapt to the change.
  4. Change in top management e.g. new Chairman, President Chief Executive Officer, etc. - to have a session to align the team behind the new leader
    1. Also do it at Divisional levels, or OPCO, EXCO or
    2. when new Committees are formed to handle special tasks/portfolios
    3. Research &Development team to have the correct focus
  5. Every time a Company goes out to raise new capital/Funds or
    1. Doing its IPO on going public
  6. Launching new products/services or division
  7. Resolving labour unrest or motivating staff in times of strife/excess internal politics.
    1. Adopting new human resources, environmental or other policies
    2. Retrenching or down-sizing
    3. Disaster e.g. mine accidents with fatalities or injuries
  8. Stemming losses in market share or $ or when company is in survival mode.

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