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February 6, 2018

Is it Time to Explore Your Unconscious Patterns?

This article has been headed in the form of a question, in order to give pause and reflect on life, and take an audit on where you find yourself at this time. The words 'Unconscious Patterns' has been purposely used rather than Subconscious, because they can come from events connected to an earlier experience.

  • Conception
  • Birth process
  • D.N.A.
  • Beliefs that are often erroneous
  • Self-image
  • Repetitive negative thoughts connected to parents and family
  • Vision and misconceptions about the perceived world you live in and how you see yourself in this context
  • Healing the Family System based on past events we aren't even aware of.
  • The energetics of relationships, analogous to electricity; too much power, not enough power

Transforming Unconscious Patters, to Quote Chloe Faith Wordsworth:

"Enables one to realise that the brain's neural pathways, which are so habitually used that they appear to be 'Who I am,' are actually activated and created in response to earlier experiences, stresses, beliefs and ways of viewing ourselves and life."

It is now a common understanding that from our birth process to age eight, we are more right brained; everything is about Self, that sets our unconscious patterns in stone for the rest of our life, both positive and negative. At around age eight we begin to integrate our left-right brain, we become more analytical and sceptical, the world is no longer the simple place we thought it was, and non-coherence in different forms starts to manifest as a pattern, often in the form of fear of some kind, that manifests as aggression or shyness, bullying or the one being bullied.

It has been discovered in practice that we often carry erroneous non-coherent beliefs about ourselves that effect how we operate in our world, the most common are:

1. I'm not Worthwhile
2. It's My Fault
3. I'm Not Loveable

This comes up time and again, during sessions, whether we are eight or eighty, and it plays into circumstances and relationships for the rest our life, manifesting in one form or another e.g. as abuse, or being abused, fear, anxiety, anger, and even inexplicable physical ailments.

This holds us back from reaching our full potential as "Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience," or the power to discriminate between right and wrong, coherent and non-coherent.. Part of the efficacy of this work is that during a session of Resonance Repatterning an empirical age can be identified, often in our formative years, that influences who we are now and how we operate in our world today.

Very often when we have uncovered what appears to be the problem now, we can join the dots to an earlier experience that we were unaware of, that may take years of psychoanalysis to uncover.

In a previous article, the author wrote about the Karpman Triangle where we become a Victim, which in turn leads us to be a Persecutor or an Enabler. The ideal of course is to step out of the triangle and be none of those things, which can affect our life so deeply, uncovered as our Unconscious Patterns.

The other question that often comes up in a session of Resonance Repatterning is:

"What is the vision you want to live by for the rest of your life?"

A lot of people when confronted with this question reply: "I have no idea", allowing life to unfold as it is, even though there is great dissatisfaction with life as it is.

A client when asked the question replied, "I want to Ski"
"Is that your vision, isn't there something else?"
"No that is my vision I want to ski."

He fulfilled his vision; four months later he skied into a tree and killed himself.

What does this say? It says that we are not completely in control of our lives, but we can make the most of what we have and still retain a vision for what we want in the future so we can live a fulfilled life.

Uncovering our unconscious patterns can stop us from holding back on how we can take control of our life in the present, with a Positive Intention.

At this time, when more and more "Indigo Children" are being born on our planet, they become the future custodians of the world they live in. Life can become more and more complicated, instead of easier, with all the new electronic technology that is at our disposal.

A parent can no longer say, "Do this because I say so." Now the child in its important formative years demands logical answers that make sense, before they become compliant.

Resonance Repatterning can uncover the unconscious patterns that the mother and father carry with them in the important gestation period that the baby in utero is made aware of (See Bruce Lipton, Microbiologist). A session on a baby in utero, by proxying the baby, can uncover in this brand new sentient being, what it will bring with it into the world. It is more aware than we give it credit for.

That is why the expectant mother can communicate with the baby; even read inspirational works, listen to classical music which helps the fetus to enhance its neural connections to the brain.

It has been the Experience of this author to witness at first hand the amazing results of these early connections between mother and baby, after he or she has been born. Not the least curiosity and enquiring mind of the child when it receives the stimulation it needs from both the mother and father.

The author, an Internationally Certified Practitioner, with clients in: America, Canada, England, Switzerland, etc. conducts sessions in person in his consulting room, or by phone. This is thanks to Chloe Faith Wordsworth for her insightfulness in creating this important discipline at a physical, mental, emotional and spirit level, and what has now evolved into seventy or eighty different unconscious patterns, any one of which can constitute a session. Only one primary unconscious pattern becomes apparent in any particular session. That can be dependent on the client's agenda. It can be uncovered, with the resultant change in frequency and resonance, at a cellular, subatomic particle level, including the brain. E.g. The Amygdala, part of the Limbic system "that generates and registers fear, also other negative emotions, such as anger and sadness. It is also thought by some researchers, to be where unconscious, traumatic memories are stored." Based on Quantum Physics, due to the Holographic Universe we live in, we can access the information with profound effect. We can harness the autonomic nervous system for the information we need. (see Dr. David R Hawkin, M.D, Ph.D "Power Versus Force.")

If any of the above resonates with you and how you operate in the world, let's have a conversation: contact me at (Canada) 1-604-285-7013 or visit my website at www.healthy-life.ca for an initial discussion. For Testimonials please click here.

January 2, 2018

Borderline Personality Disorder

Sometimes during the course of one's practice of Resonance Repatterning, one comes across a number of symptoms involving low self-esteem, or a high level of insecurity. These individuals may have a difficult time staying in loving relationships because of certain extreme behaviours. We would characterise this as non-coherent behaviour, while at the same time the client would have certain intentions which we would characterise as positive intentions that they do not resonate with. So we say that 'Problems are something we have that we don't want, and intentions are something we want but don't have, and when we've identify that, we look at the underlying Unconscious Patterns, not Subconscious, because it could come from our D.N.A., conception issues, parental issues, etc.

Common problems that appear in people suffering from, Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) include:

  • Frequent displays of anger
  • Unstable self-image
  • Irritability
  • Anxiety
  • Impulsiveness
  • Extreme opinions and judgement of others
  • Passive, aggressive behaviour
  • Suicide threats

Individuals with this condition frequently change their goals and aspirations. They may go through friends quickly or change their sexual orientation.

There may be some risk factors historically, especially in their formative years, such as:

  • Being abandoned as a child or teenager
  • Coming from a seriously dysfunctional family
  • Having a normal childhood disrupted
  • Being a victim of verbal, physical or sexual abuse as a child Here are some possible scenarios:
  • Improving the quality of your relationships, by identifying what is and isn't working for you and changing it (Unconscious Pattern)
  • Understanding how your unique personal life's story may impact you attitudes, thoughts and beliefs in order to facilitate change in those which are ineffective (Positive Intention)
  • Gaining insight into your relationship conflicts (Unconscious Pattern)
  • Learning communication, coping and problem solving skills (Positive Intention)
  • Becoming more confident in your relationships, including yourself, being able to speak up for yourself, set boundaries and build demonstrable resilience (Positive Intention)
  • Helping you become more satisfied with what you have and how to get what you want, if you are not (Problems to Opportunities) Adrian Krauss, M.F.T
Whatever a person speaks has a two-fold effect. One is the Action, and the other is the Reaction. The reaction resounds in and near the speaker and creates the same type of thought- currents in his environment. Thus whatever thoughts, virtuous or wicked, emanate from him, they engender their exact resonance. This is an inviolate and unrelenting law, which operates in connection with both animate and inanimate objects alike. It cannot be erased. [Unless one changes the frequencies] 'Philosophy of the Masters' Volume I

If any of the above resonates with you and how you operate in the world, let's have a conversation: contact me at (Canada) 1-604-285-7013 or visit my website at www.healthy-life.ca for an initial discussion. For Testimonials please click here.

November 27, 2017

Discovering the Potential within Yourself

Discover the potential within yourself to spiral up into greater coherence at a physical, mental, emotional and spirit level. What holds us back from attaining what we truly want in our life? Is it that we are so preoccupied with being a Victim, and that life has been so unfair, as a result we have not fulfilled our dreams of doing something worthwhile, no matter how personal that may be? Not how the world sees us but how we see the world.

Victims very often become Persecutors or Enablers (Rescuers). The Karpman Triangle was conceived by the psychologist Stephen Karpman, M.D. He utilized the triangle to show how easily we become enmeshed.

In nearly every situation when we become a Victim, we react by becoming either a Persecutor, or equally debilitating, an Enabler.

Victim: "I saw the way you looked at me."
Persecutor : "Oh grow up. Get a Life."
Victim/Persecutor: "You should talk OR
Victim/Enabler: "You're right nothing I ever do is good enough, so I just won't look at you."

Here is a real life situation that occurred in a school playground.

Two young boys are chatting in the school break. A third boy walks up, and says:

Third Boy: "I saw you looking at that girl's legs."
First Boy: "No I didn't
Third Boy: "Yes you did!"
First Boy: "Why don't you go back to China."
Third Boy: "Why don't you make me."-(giving a Push).
First Boy slaps Third boy across the face.

One of the boys ends up being suspended by the Principal, and the other has to go to detention. A Lose, Lose situation.

This appears to be an innocuous example, but in the boys' world it goes to their sense of their own self-worth.

The Second boy didn't get involved in their argument. He's not in the triangle.

Stepping out of the Triangle so one doesn't become a Victim or Persecutor:

"I saw you looking at that girl's legs."
"You're right, why don't you join us."

In nearly every situation we are conditioned to feel we have to react or become 'a doormat.'

With the ability to look at our unconscious patterns, with the insights afforded to us through Resonance Repatterning we discover that our problem is rooted in a significant past experience that diminishes us.

There are really only two principle emotions: Love and Fear.

With Love comes: warmth, kindness, generosity of spirit, confidence, and contentedness with what is. I can do anything I put my mind to.

From Fear comes: passive-aggression, anger, hatred, jealousy, judgment, a sense of inadequacy. I can't do it. It'll never work. I'm not good enough.

With the right tools we can turn problems into opportunities and resonate with positive intentions. Discover the underlying unconscious patterns that hold us back from achieving our full potential.

If any of the above resonates with you and how you operate in the world, let's have a conversation: contact me at (Canada) 1-604-285-7013 or visit my website at www.healthy-life.ca for an initial discussion. For Testimonials please click here.

November 8, 2017

The Unconscious Patterns that are holding you back from Reaching your Full Potential

The unconscious patterns that are holding you back from your full potential, at a physical, mental, emotional, and spirit level often come from earlier experiences that may have occurred during childhood. Between the ages of one to eight years old, we are much more right-brained, everything is about self, so even if we were witness to dissent, arguments, fights, physical abuse concerning our parents, or older siblings, we pick up three messages that aren't necessarily logical:
  • It's my fault
  • I'm not worthwhile
  • I'm not lovable
Around the age of eight we start to integrate more of the left/right brain and we start to find out that the world is not quite as simple a place that we first thought. Often we lose our sense of trust. These patterns will play out as unconscious patterns that we resonate with for the rest of our lives, so we may be successful in our public life, but feel that we are 'less than' or failures in our personal lives.

Resonance Repatterning helps us to examine what is holding us back from our full potential as spiritual beings having a human experience.

Since this resonates at a cellular level, or sub-atomic particle level (that is contained within ourselves) it is not necessarily subconscious. It is unconscious because it can come from the time of conception; our D.N.A.; it can be parental; it can be Vision, the way we perceive the world; it can be Relationships, etc.

I look forward to connecting with you using this highly successful discipline, to discover and examine your full potential.

If any of the above resonates with you and how you operate in the world, let's have a conversation: contact me at (Canada) 1-604-285-7013 or visit my website at www.healthy-life.ca for an initial discussion. For Testimonials please click here.

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