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After reading the inspiring stories in the latest Main Central, summer 201., I decided to send in a case history about sessions I did on one of my clients. I have been a certified Jin Shin practitioner since May 17, 2002 just quietly running my practice that also includes Resonance Repatterning and Reflexology.

I have had a long-standing client I will call Sonia, who was referred to me a number of years ago, after being traumatized by the discovery that her husband was having an affair. Apart from the emotional trauma, it manifested as an uncontrollable twitch in her right eye and facial spasms on the right side. She rebounded from the emotional trauma quite quickly, but the twitch and spasms continued sporadically over the next few years, especially when she was stressed, in spite of my best efforts using all my disciplines. Eventually, I advised her to see a neurologist, who after doing a Catscan and MRI referred her to a neurosurgeon , because something showed up in the brain in the Occipital Lobe. He advised an operation which he explained could be tricky, and leave side effects.

She asked my advice and after using applied kinesiology to check what should be done in her 'highest and best interest' I advised her to go ahead with the procedure. She had to wait for a fixed date for the operation to become available.

On the 3rd June I received a call from Sonia to say she had had the operation which according to the surgeon was successful but she was left with a number of side effects. The surgeon to his credit was pro-active and ordered another MRI and Catscan in case there had been a stroke, but nothing showed up on the screen, so he gave her a steroid injection and sent her home. As a result her face swelled up and there was no abatement of the very uncomfortable symptoms. That was when she phoned me.

During her appointment on Friday 4th June, I established she would need up to 19 Jin Shin Jyutsu sessions (working twice a day) that included Reflexology. I established that Sonia first needed the Self Help "Main Central" down the front of the body, that included the Governor Vessel and Conception Vessel Mu Points on the upper lip and lower lip.

Before I continue I must explain that Sonia was experiencing, in her own words "a sensation of worms crawling all over the top of my head, and ice-cold nose, numbness on the right side of the jaw extending into the lips and tongue, which makes me have a hunger for food which I cannot satisfy and Tinnitus in the left ear."

After doing the Main Central for about 25 minutes, I then did the Safety Energy Lock #11, #12 (Left Flow).

#11 helps to unload all excess baggage and to see clearly.

#12 - surrender to the universal mind, fears, anger and worry.

Frontal #12's (under ear) - Bells Palsy.

#11 and #12, for prevention of stroke.

After balancing the pulses, I did some foot reflexology for about 20 minutes, working on the meridians to the head, eyes, and ears.

After the first session in the morning, the crawling sensation had completely disappeared. In the afternoon and subsequent appointments I continued to use the same safety energy locks and soon ceased doing the reflexology.

On the following Thursday I started the work on Safety Energy Lock #9 (Left Side), Right Flow, and harmonizing Gall Bladder function energy, Right Flow (Left Side). By this time most of the symptoms had abated or disappeared, but some would re-occur.

In the interim Sonia had a check-up with the surgeon and she told him she was doing much better, but she didn't tell him why, "because he was such a nice man and I didn't want to hurt his feelings." So the Allopathic community remains in ignorance of this simple, extremely effective healing modality.

On the following Monday, I did Safety Energy Locks #24 and #26 (without using Main Central) for Total Complete All Inclusive Harmony, Limitless Life. Then Text 2 Skin Surface Ascending Function Energy (Left Side) and then I just held #6 Left and #20 Left. That was it, by this time the Tinnitus had completely disappeared, the numbness in the tongue and jaw had disappeared. The sporadic twitching in the eye which had reappeared was completely gone and Sonia was able to resume her life free of any symptoms.

I would like to record my grateful thanks to Mary and all my wonderful teachers for this simple painless method of bringing the body back into coherence at a physical, mental, emotional and spirit level.

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