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What Is Resonance Repatterning™?

Resonance Repatterning is beneficial in creating positive change, getting unstuck and clearing unconscious patterns in any area of our lives. It can be used on its own and as an addition to many other kinds of personal growth, healing, personal coaching and therapeutic work. In an independent client survey by Dr. Joel Bennett found that repatterning made a significant difference in three areas: relationships, career and emotional well-being. This work was found to be powerful, yet supportive, and highly effective in helping make desired changes in a way that feels organic, easy and natural.

Resonance Repatterning is based on the idea that everything has a frequency, a resonance, and that what we resonate with, is what we experience in life: "What we resonate with, we attract." This has been taught in the ancient wisdom of India and other cultures for thousands of years and these philosophies are now being validated through scientific research in Quantum Physics, based on the fact the entire universe is a giant hologram: every sentient being, from the vegetable, insect, fish, bird, animal, human kingdom is all part of this giant hologram. Since in Quantum Physics time is not linear, there is no such thing as the past, the present or the future, therefore, given the right tools we can access the past, the present or the future at a subatomic particle level; at cellular level.

Resonance Repatterning® postulates there is a frequency range that is optimal for our physical, emotional and mental well-being. When we are in sync, we are content, happy, and full of energy, we then move through the difficulties and challenges in our life with a sense of ease and exhilaration. When we change what we resonate with we are in tune with our optimal frequency range, we experience an improvement - whether we were feeling anxious, tired, depressed, stressed out or angry.

What we resonate with is what we experience. So we say that, "problems are something that you have that you don't want" and "intentions are something you want, but don't have". Through Resonance Repatterning, we look for the underlying unconscious patterns,(not subconscious), because it can come from Conception, D.N.A; Past Lives if we subscribe to that. It can be 'Vision' (the way we perceive the world), Relationships, Family Patterns, etc. What we don't resonate with, we don't experience.

Do I have to be physically present in order to have a session of Resonance Repatterning™?

Some clients prefer to have a one-on-one session of Resonance Repatterning, the people concerned can be in the room with the practitioner in a safe, supportive environment. However, it is possible to have a phone-in or a "proxy" session anywhere on the planet. For a proxy session, all that is required is the name, date and place of birth, and if desired an outline of the "problem". In the case of animals, the name and approximate date of birth or age of the animal is all that is required.

Apart from clients, Michael, also does proxy sessions on animals, dogs, cats, horses, ponies and on one occasion a parrot named George, who had been plucking out his feathers. A session of Resonance Repatterning can only be given with the express permission of the person involved unless it is an infant, or in utero, or too small to comprehend, then parental permission is required. Even animals can indicate whether they want a session.


Michael Fisher's Practice apart from in Person, consists of a lot of phone-in clients from all over the world e.g. England, United States, Switzerland, Canada and the Far East, etc.

How many sessions are needed?

Each session moves you into a higher state of coherence. Some people are satisfied when they experience improvement after a few sessions. Others want more growth and continued learning by having regular Resonance Repatterning sessions that includes mentoring or coaching. The number of sessions and how often depends on consensus and particular needs.

Is it possible to have a group repatterning on say a corporate company, a theatre, ballet, or opera company or any other association of people?

Resonance Repatterning has been extremely effective in identifying organizational problems and turning these into opportunities for growth, and identifying the unconscious non-coherent group patterns. In terms of best intentions, for growth, financial success and greater harmony, a mission statement can be formulated by the participants with one member of the group as a proxy for the group. This has been done in a boardroom and theatre environment.

In order for Business people to maintain their energy and balance with stress and burnout in a corporate environment, a group repatterning session may be beneficial. It has been found the challenges businesses face is: poor communication, lack of trust and team management issues. Research at the University of Maryland, has shown that a 1% improvement in the corporate sales environment results in a 2% improvement in sales. Improved resonant leadership results in improved inner well-being as well as improved trust, performance and financial success.

Is it possible to have a couple's repatterning?

Over the years, Michael has done couple's Repatternings where both clients are in the room; everything is stated through Michael, without any comments, or even negative body language from either client. This has proved to be most effective, creating a safe climate where both clients can be heard, which creates greater understanding and resolution.

Is it really possible to create a positive and extraordinary reality?

In Resonance Repatterning the answer is "yes", but only if we uncover the exact intentions and energy constrictions underlying our issues. It is also essential to create new and positive perceptions in the present. RR is a process for doing this. It demonstrates that we can change negative perceptions we resonate with and experience a positive and often an extraordinary shift in our lives.

Resonance Repatterning transforms our old outdated realities quickly and effectively: it can include a range of modalities:
  • Spiral Up Energizing Options - using sound, color, movement, breath, energy contacts e.g. Cranial Sacral work, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Reflexology. Everything contains the Life Force that has certain energy; our thoughts, feelings, needs, and at a physical level our entire body, including our cells at subatomic particle level makes us who we are.
"Energy is Everything, and Everything is Energy."

If we look at a heart monitor we can see the frequencies in cycles per second, if we are hooked up to an electro-encephalograph we can see brain waves operating in cycles per second on the monitor. This means that every organ, muscle tissue, gland in the body has a frequency that can be measured in cycles per second. By the same token - every problem that we resonate with, can be measured in cycles per second (e.g. back pain, stress at work, arguments, conflicts, depression), and every intention that we have that we do not resonate with can be measured in cycles per second.

When our frequencies are out of sync, known as non-coherence, we will resonate with and experience dis-ease, failure, and negative ways of thinking and relating. The frequencies we resonate with, being our unconscious patterns, determine the life we experience, for better or worse. When our frequencies are in sync, known as coherence, we resonate with and experience health, success, joy and positive ways of thinking and relating.

Through Resonance Repatterning sessions we resonate with in-sync life-expanding frequencies to achieve our best, free ourselves from our fears and live with more joy, peace of mind, love and health.

The most common results people have as a result of their Resonance Repatterning session:
  • Relief from mental and emotional distress and upset
  • Feeling a calm, more relaxed and renewed sense of joy and optimism from within
  • A sense of well-being
  • A positive mental outlook in order to resonance with desired outcomes to create positive change
  • Improved health: as resonance with past non-coherent patterns shift, many people observe a change in their health and now start getting results from the positive actions being taken
  • A renewed sense of compatibility, unity and harmony in relationships
  • A new sense of hope - that anything is possible - including relief from depression and anxiety
  • A positive change with specific problems such as: nail-biting, smoking, alcohol or drug addictions, repeated accidents, etc.
Specific results that clients and practitioners have shared:
  • Asthma (smother-love)
  • Anorexia/Bulimia
  • Depression, Lethargy
  • Fear of death, fear of the unknown
  • Gag Reflex/Fear of vomiting
  • Improved Animal relationships
  • Improved Relationships
  • Pain relief, or coping mechanism
  • Phobias e.g. Agoraphobia
  • Post-surgical Trauma e.g. facial ticks
  • Sport enhanced performance
  • Theatre performance e.g. stage fright
  • Vision, our negative perceptions

Are there any Publications that I may read on Resonance Repatterning

The founder of Resonance Repatterning has brought out the following book, available on Amazon:

Can you explain the concepts of coherence and non-coherence please?

Good health, harmonious relationships and the success and pleasure we receive from our life and work are determined by the state of our life patterns, which may be coherent or non-coherent. All our negative thoughts, feelings, difficult life experiences and relationships are the result of non-coherent frequency patterns. Non-coherent frequency patterns manifest as:
  • Fear, anger, long-term grief, anxiety and reactive behaviour
  • Physical problems
  • Loneliness, insecurity and a lack of confidence
  • Negative thoughts
  • Depression
  • Difficulty improving or changing our habits, relationships or business situations
Resonance Repatterning can be applied to ANY personal, relationship or professional situation. It is a process for positive changes that:
  • Results in physical, emotional and mental well-being
  • Enables you to resonate with and achieve your positive intentions
  • Allows for growth and harmony in relationships
  • Changes your resonance with the negative beliefs and attitudes that underlie any problem you have

How are my non-coherent patterns identified?

The Resonance Repatterning practitioner is able to identify the exact pattern of non-coherence underlying your problems by using the extensive options listed in all the RR books and the muscle indicator response.

Sessions on clients presenting with various challenges:

Health issues - when indicated, apart from Resonance Repatterning, Michael Fisher uses: Reflexology, including the endocrine points for premenstrual tension, or menopause; neck and back pain, Asthma, digestive problems

Jin Shin Jyutsu, a powerful means of clearing the 26 Safety Energy Locks at a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. When indicated Acupressure using the Five Elements and Meridian System of Ancient China

Children - improving their learning skills that can be attached to Attention Deficit Disorder, their ability to make friends; raise their confidence level and even overcome depression or anxiety, as a result of family or parental dynamics.

Business people - maintain their energy and balance without stress and burnout in a corporate environment. The challenges businesses face are poor communication, lack of trust and team management issues. Research at the University of Maryland has shown that a 1% improvement in the corporate sales environment results in a 2% improvement in sales. Improved resonant leadership results in improved inner well-being as well as improved trust, performance and financial success.

Theatre Companies - Success with productions, that go onto win awards, play to full houses and turn a decent profit.

As a mentor and coaching consultant - Michael identifies the goals a client may want but does not resonate with, and a way to move beyond the unconscious patterns that get in the way of achieving these goals, that leads to more productivity, harmony and enhanced financial success and profitability.

Athletes - Transforms unconscious patterns that block their achievement of "zone" peak performance. There is a noticeable improvement in their focus, skills, performance techniques, competitiveness and their ability to be part of a team and handle stress in competitive situations.

How are my non-coherent patterns transformed?

As part of the session, the modalities help us to creating coherence for the energy required by the body-mind system to transform the life-depleting resonance identified in the RR session. These modalities for the particular patterns identified may include breath, movement, colour, light, sound, acupressure points as well as many others.

Please elaborate on the unconscious patterns?

Resonance Repatterning empowers the recipient with Keys for self-empowerment, discovers the creative potential in every problem and makes the choice to move to a higher state of well-being that every problem offers, and what positive intentions are really about, how to resonate with your intentions. Modalities that input the frequencies needed for physical, emotional and mental well-being - where indicated using sound, color and light, breath, movement and energy contacts, e.g. Reflexology, Cranial Sacral Contact, Jin Shin Jyutsu.

Repatterning sessions transform negative perceptions and beliefs unconsciously created in early infancy and childhood, which still determines behavioral patterns, and how we project ourselves in the world, formulated from birth.

These include:
  • Belief Repatterning: which transform your resonance with unconscious negative beliefs so they no longer create your present reality and problems.
  • Vision Repatterning: that transforms how your unconscious view on life affects what you experience.
  • Hearing Repatterning: transforms your lack of resonance with listening and being heard and the impact this has on all your relationships.
  • Writing Repatterning: to transform how your life-depleting patterns are projected in the frequency printout of your writing and self-expression, as a result of not being in present time, during our earliest learning experiences, that can manifest in A.D.D.
Transforming Primary Patterns - there are five Repatternings for resonating with positive thinking, which in turn creates life-enhancing cascades of neurotransmitters that support a heightened sense of well-being in yourself and your relationships:
  • Appreciation Repatterning: Expand your heart's resonant field so you more readily give and receive appreciation for yourself and others.
  • Commitment Repatterning: Transform unconscious patterns so you can commit 100% of yourself to every aspect of your life and open yourself to the pleasure, focus and success this brings.
  • Creative Expression Repatterning: Move beyond your blocks to the joy of authentic creation and self-expression in every aspect of your life.
  • Negative Thoughts Repatterning: Change your resonance with the de-energizing life-depleting mental activities of anger, worry, fear, regret, guilt, jealousy, infatuation, greed, desire, cravings, and the ego mental state that separates you from others and the Divine; move naturally into resonating with affirmative, life-enhancing ways of thinking and being.
  • Self-Image Repatterning: Self-healing begins when you think well of yourself and others, because you are connected to your innate natural self. The Self-Image Repatterning allows you to identify and transform your resonance with negative perceptions about yourself. Resonating with appreciating yourself and reconnecting to your inner nature is one of the secrets of happiness.
  • Basic Life Needs and Planetary Frequencies: there are five categories of Life Needs that continue to underlie every problem in the present and we need to work onhow to transform your resonance with them; by identifying and resonating with the empowering qualities of the planetary frequencies.
The healing modalities include:
  • The safety energy locks of Jin Shin Jyutsu® physio-philosophy
  • The healing use of tuning forks
  • Katsugen- an ancient form of free improvised movement
  • The Resonance Repatterning Energy Constriction Release, a step-by-step approach to unlocking trauma, stress or tension in the body
Transforming Unconscious Patterns - overcome early protection-safety responses to what felt threatening, which continue to keep you stuck in constriction, and prevent your expansive growth and the fulfillment that you want for yourself and those you love. There are Six Repatternings to release inappropriate constriction responses that are no longer needed in the present:
  • Limbic Reptilian Brain Repatterning: explore this emotional part of your brain and your unconscious fight-flight survival mechanism; see how you resonate with past responses that are superimposed on present situations and relationships - with negative outcomes for all concerned. Work on how to release and transform this negative resonance.
  • Breath for Life Repatterning: release unconscious resonance patterns concerning any life-depleting breathing experience, particularly the first breath after birth and constricted breathing from shock and trauma.
  • Earlier Experience Repatterning: release resonance with needs that were not met in the womb and childhood, which set your limiting life patterns in motion. Discover the specific earlier experience and who was involved in feelings and beliefs associated with your present problem and by changing your resonance, change the present.
  • Parental Repatterning: allow yourself to resonate with higher learning from negative experiences with your parents that you are holding onto, no matter what your past experience was.
  • Compensation Repatterning: identify and transform your resonance with behavioral patterns that once helped you get the attention you needed for survival, but in your present relationships inhibit your ability to give and receive the love and respect you want.
  • Integration for Growth Repatterning: transform your resonance with recurring patterns that keep spiraling you into lower energy states of symptoms, de-energizing habits and addictions - regardless of your efforts to create positive change. Spiral to higher energy states so you can maintain positive change and continue to make quantum leaps to more growth and well-being.
The healing modalities include:
  • The Quantum Healing Codes for vibrational sound healing
  • The use of the ColorYourWorld® torch (flashlight) for self-healing
  • Cranial contacts for core balance
  • Hanna Somatic Movements to release habitual stress responses stored in the physical body and spine
  • The Resonance Repatterning Diffusion Process to neutralize negativity and diffuse painful, dissonant frequencies from your body-mind field
Transforming Chakra Patterns - using the Ayurvedic chakra system and its seven major concentrated reservoirs of energy that impact your body, your emotional responses, your thoughts and your life attitude. There are Four Chakra Repatternings that help you identify and transform dissonance:
  • Chakra Repatterning: supports your resonance with the strengths of the seven primary chakras. Identify how chakra imbalances affect thinking and feelings and the physical body, especially the vertebrae; how shock impacts and distorts the energy of the chakras; and how to resolve and transform any disordered chakra state into resonance with the positive power of the chakras involved.
  • Disrupted Energy Repatterning: balance the expansion and relaxation pulsation of the chakras. As you transform your resonance with your disrupted expansion or relaxation cycle, you attain greater harmony and balance in all aspects of your life.
  • Sound Frequency Repatterning: support your unique constitutional sound or frequency. Identify generational dissonance and the effect it has on your body-mind system. As you learn that you are a pulsing field of vibrational patterns, you begin to experience and understand that every thought, emotion, physical organ and tissue, down to the smallest cellular structure, has its own frequency pattern or sound. By transforming your non-coherent sound frequencies, you experience positive change in your life, relationships and health.
  • Life Cycle Repatterning: identify the chakra life cycle you are avoiding or prematurely activating, so you complete your endeavors and recycle into new beginnings with more energy, creativity and inspiration.
The healing modalities include:
  • The Resonance Repatterning Fusion Process
  • Heart Entrainment for deeper intimacy and bonding
  • Chakra movements
  • How to use the ColorYourWorld Glasses to absorb specific light frequencies
  • An introduction to essential oils for the chakras
  • Ayurvedic chakra sounds
  • Polarity Energy Contacts to balance each of the chakra energies
Transforming Five Element and Meridian Patterns - using the Chinese Five Element and Meridian system of natural healing. The five-thousand-year old system of Chinese Acupuncture balances the natural flow of energy to enable you to maintain harmony, optimal health, constructive thinking, emotional well-being and longevity. With the Five Element and Meridian unconscious patterns we focus on the attributes of each of the Five Elements and their Meridians and how to balance the meridians and strengthen the flow of chi life energy using Acupressure. Six Repatternings, based on this ancient system of energy medicine, are designed to help you release the meridian and five-element energy blocks:
  • Meridian and Five Element Repatterning: identify and transform patterns that disrupt the flow of chi life energy in the five elements and meridians, at a physical, mental, emotional and spirit level.
  • Seasonal Repatterning: identify where the chi life energy - associated with the seasons - has become blocked, and the effect this may have on your health and mental and emotional well-being during seasonal transitions. Seasonal stress can manifest as any physical and emotional symptom of discomfort - including allergies, depression or a depleted immune system.
  • 24-Hour Time Cycle Repatterning: is based on the 24-hour ebb and flow of chi life energy throughout your body. Identify the time of day when your energy drops and symptoms can worsen; learn how to regulate your meridian balance for renewed well-being throughout the twenty-four hours of your day.
  • Mu Point Repatterning: address patterns of fear and phobias that create energetic and behavioral blocks and release them through Mu Point Repatterning and the powerful meridian 'mu' points Modality.
  • Decision Making Repatterning: encourage creative decision making through balancing the Five Element energy flows, that lead to decisive, informed and proactive decision making.
  • Five Element Qualities Repatterning: how to resonate with the coherent qualities of who you are, positively changing how you interact with others and giving you a deeper understanding of yourself and others. That may be undermined by anger, fear, lack of growth, stagnation, an ability to act, and a lack of self-confidence.
Inner Cultivation Through Your Twelve Meridians - Presence and Safety - through the Meridian "Officials", we discover what is possible for us as we deeply heal and begin to manifest our potential to radiate the light of our natural self - the essence of who we are. According to the ancient Taoists who developed the Five Element system of Acupuncture, the practitioner needs to become a clear instrument of the Divine. As you regulate your own chi life energy, you become a 'presence' in your everyday life as well as in your professional practice.
  • Presence: of the 'five presences', self-healing your issues concerning being a presence, and the profound impact this knowledge has on all your relationships. Of particular importance is the presence of the compassionate heart that all great practitioners and healers bring to their practice.
  • Safety: how to balance your chi life energy for healing your issues concerning safety and how to create a safe space for others - with your friends, intimates or clients.
  • Element and Source points: discover the key points on each meridian pathway and the profound meaning of each point - how each point balances your energy in its own unique way on the physical, emotional, mental and 'spirit' level.
Principles of Relationship - Principles of Relationship covers fourteen Repatternings and includes process work on relationship issues.

The first seven Repatternings are the foundation for all positive, bonded relationships:
  • Fire Element Repatterning: work with issues of bonding and separation and resonate with connectedness and intimacy in your relationships. This Repatterning supports the fiery quality of unconditional love, warmth and joy.
  • Repatterning for Communicating Feelings: identify and release blocks to communicating feelings so you resonate with accessing and expressing your feelings and being heard.
  • Repatterning for Communicating Needs: identify and transform old patterns of unmet life needs so you resonate with accessing and expressing your needs and having your needs met, as well as hearing and meeting the needs of others.
  • Water Element Repatterning: release constrictions of fear that cause you to live your life small, facilitate your resonance with 'showing up big' in your life and enjoying empowered relationships.
  • Earth Element Repatterning: support your resonance with qualities of nurturance, stability and sustainable relationship, along with the strength you need during challenging relationship transitions.
  • Metal Element Repatterning: recognize old patterns of unworthiness that need to be released; open the space for the new values, and let go of what comes in the way of your life purpose.
  • Wood Element Repatterning: enhance your ability to set goals and move into action (yang), while remaining open to the synchronicities (yin) that lead to the higher truths (yang) that your life invites you to integrate (yin)!
The second group of seven Repatternings work with the three principles of relationships:

1. The Principle of Interdependence is a law based on new physics, which states that all of creation is a web of interconnected relationships. Separation is an illusion. Therefore what you resonate with affects not only yourself, but all others as well. Two Repatternings start the quantum change process that supports interdependent relationships:
  • Birth Process Repatterning: identify powerful dissonant patterns that take form prenatally and during the birth process. Birth process patterns and traumas may be replicated throughout your life as accidents, surgeries, addictions, negative attitudes and relationships.
  • Self-Acceptance Repatterning: promote your ability to love yourself and all you produce at a physical level including body fluids, etc.- essential for loving and accepting others or being loved and accepted by others.
2. The Principle of Entrainment and Resonance is what allows your energy frequencies to come into sync with others. This synchronization, or entrainment, leads to more energy for the partnership or the group as a whole than is available for the individual alone. As a result, you are empowered to pulse in cooperation, harmony and creativity as you face and transcend daily stresses and problems. Three Repatternings start your process for positive change in relationship through this synchronization of energy:
  • Entrainment-Resonance Repatterning: work more harmoniously with people whose wave patterns are not harmonically entrained with yours. Support entrainment of the partnership or the group relationship for more cooperation, connection and energy.
  • Argument Repatterning: identify and shift the underlying cause of any argument, which is never what you think it is.
  • Clearing Communications Repatterning: resonate with reflective listening so that each person clearly understands the intention of the other person's communication.
3. The Principle of Polarity, a universal truth known since ancient times, involves balancing the minus/plus charges, feminine/masculine, or yin/yang energies, within yourself and in all your relationships. This principle includes two Repatternings for balancing these polarities:
  • Unresolved Past Communications Repatterning: identify past efforts to express needs and feelings that were unacknowledged and unmet, and that continue to impact physical and mental well-being in the present. When unresolved past communications are resolved, this has a beneficial effect on the subtle masculine and feminine balance in yourself and your relationships.
  • Yin/Yang Feminine/Masculine Repatterning: balance the minus/plus, feminine/masculine energies within yourself in terms of your health and your relationships.
The healing modalities include:
  • toning sound intervals
  • supporting prenatal needs
  • synchronizing brainwaves
  • chakra Modalities for balanced relationship
A New Vision - 1. The Principle of Light is a law that describes how we absorb and radiate light, or photons. Light provides the primary nutrient for the brain, eyes and whole body. When you experience unresolved tension, shock and trauma, your eye muscles constrict, which distorts how your eyes take in light. As a result your entire system is deprived of light energy.

Five Repatternings begin the process of transforming unconscious vision patterns relating to light, allowing you to resonate with absorbing and radiating light/photons for body-mind well-being, which changes how you see yourself, others and the world:
  • Present Stress Repatterning: look at your immediate circumstances and transform your resonance with the stressors that are diminishing your capacity to absorb and radiate health-giving light.
  • Sirota Repatterning: benefit from the extraordinary work of pioneering optometrist, Dr. Harry Sirota, who believed that unresolved emotions and constricted breathing distort how the eyes absorb light. This distortion negatively impacts relationships, behaviors, health, movement and the ability to live a pain-free life, which in turn impacts our eyesight.
  • Inner Light Repatterning: transform resonance with the attitudes that cut you off from your light; facilitate your resonance with actions and attitudes that connect you to your light.
  • Mandorla Conflict Repatterning: resolve any conflict between your left side (mother's) way of seeing and your right side (father's) way of seeing that may be affecting your life in the present. Transcend your present conflict so you see and resonate with the path you truly want to take.
  • Pain Repatterning: release constrictions and the disconnection underlying your pain by changing the angle of your vision..
2. The Principle of Movement is what makes it possible for the eyes and brain to absorb light photons. A powerful and joyful Repatterning supports this process:
  • Movement for Life Repatterning: identify the body-memory constrictions that inhibit the flexible, confident expression of your life in action. Use relaxing, fun movements to stimulate the inflow of light through your eyes to improve vision, release pain and re-activate your joy.
3. The Principle of Memory Images describes how memory imprints act as a filter that determine what we see in the present. Memory images are held in the mind by highly charged emotions. Through these two Repatternings you begin to experience how the mind can transform your past perceptions, thereby changing what you experience in the present and future:
  • Memory Imprint Repatterning: transform your resonance with past visual memory images held in place by your continued resonance with highly charged emotions (usually fear, anger or grief). Resonate with seeing and experiencing yourself and others in a new light.
  • Endorphin Stress Repatterning: support your resonance with healthy endorphin stimulation, which activates your resonance with a new vision that boosts your immune system and your sense of well-being.
Vision Modalities: there more than sixty vision Modalities that have a positive effect on your physical vision as well as on how you perceive yourself and others. The vision Modalities include:
  • Color / Light Modalities: 12 Modalities, including Flower Patterns, Meridian patterns, Chakra patterns, Palming, Rainbow Scarves, colour filter torch, colour filter lenses, Tibetan cymbals
  • Movement Modalities: Chi Kung Meridian Tonification, SNS Endorphin Activation, 12 Eye Movements and 8 Body-Eye Movements
  • Relaxation Modalities: Soft Focus, PNS Endorphin Activation, Laughter and 15 other Modalities
  • Memory Modalities: Memory Swing, Self-healing Visualization, Animal Visualization and 11 other Modalities
Energetics of Relationship: introduces the four components of an electric circuit, which mirror the human bio-electrical system. These components can be used to identify both dissonant patterns and self-regulatory solutions for bonded relationship.

1. Power of the Source: is the principle that electro-magnetism relies on a source of power or energy. In humans, this source is the vibrating frequency of spirit, seen as inner light and heard as primal inner sound.
  • Geometric Frequency Repatterning: uses sacred geometry and platonic solids to identify the precise geometric patterns that obstruct your source energy. It creates a new encodement that enables a higher order of pulsing harmony in the body-mind field.
2. Power of the Inductor: is the principle that the wire in an electric circuit induces source energy into the electro-magnetic circuit. In humans, your intention and the intention of your relationships determine the quality of your magnetic field, which in turn sets up a field of attraction. The magnetic field determines the kind of relationships you attract and the radiance of relationship that people unconsciously long for. Two Repatternings support the power of the inductor in relationship:
  • Relationship Intention Repatterning: discover the intentions that induce current flow into the relationship circuit and create a magnetic field of attraction. Change your resonance with the fears, beliefs and mother-father bonding stressors that block the balanced pulsation of the electro-magnetic flow in your relationships.
  • Energy Exchange Repatterning: understand that both the quality and quantity of energy that streams and merges between people determine the quality of their relationships. Support your resonance with coherent energy streaming.
3. Power of the Capacitor is the principle that describes how, in an electric circuit, the capacitor stores and releases energy as needed. In humans, the capacitor relates to the heart, which allows you to build a reservoir of love that supports long-term bonding regardless of the ups and downs of life. Two Repatternings are designed especially for enabling you to build the power of the capacitor:
  • Developmental Phases of Relationship Repatterning: ensure that relationships build sufficient reserves of harmony, shared experiences and values, to support the balanced progress of a relationship from the initial phase of mutual interest to a committed friendship and/or intimacy and marriage.
  • Bonding-Separation Repatterning: address the pivotal need for bonding, love and trust as well as for separation, exploration and independence. Learn to manage boundaries, parasympathetic nervous system vulnerability and sympathetic nervous system hyperactivity.
4. Power of Positive Resistance: refers to the way the resistor in an electric circuit provides consistent current flow for protection from burn-out excess, or shut-down deficiency. In humans, correct resistance is made possible by changing our resonance with outdated unconscious beliefs that ensures the appropriate amount of energy and resistance for each function. Discover how to prevent excess current flow that results in angry or violent discharges, or deficiency of current flow that results in withdrawal and exhaustion in the relationship.

Five Repatternings support the development of positive resistance:
  • Reaction Repatterning: identify life-depleting responses that are re-activated by painful memories from the past. Transform your highly charged emotional reactions that 'jump the circuit' (generally in irritation or anger), so your energy flows smoothly, resonating with harmonious frequencies.
  • Resistance Repatterning: address a common non-coherent pattern of either excessive resistance, which creates a toxic or deficient energy field, or too little resistance, which leads to angry, impulsive or harmful discharging.
  • Conflict Resolution Repatterning: resolve difficulties and maintain bonded relationships in a step-by-step process for creating authentic life-enhancing resolution, going beyond the non-coherent use of negotiation, conflict-avoidance and discharging.
  • Personality Defense Repatterning: when we are ready to explore new levels of coherence, self-transformation and personal honesty, we need to transform our resonance with dependency, control and competition and their defenses of denial, self-justification and pretending. These personality defenses deplete the energy field. Through this Repatterning achieve more of your potential for love, cooperation and creative communication in all relationships, both personal and professional.
  • Suppressed Emotion-Image Repatterning: provides certified Resonance Repatterning practitioners with one of the most powerful tools for helping their clients resolve trauma and shock. This Repatterning helps the client to let go of unresolved survival responses associated with abuse, shock and neglect, in a way that is honoring, safe and effective.
The healing modalities include:
  • Shapes, the five platonic solids - Sacred Geometry
  • chi kung cleansing
  • unified-field energy tracing
  • rebounding
  • a visualization for seeing and feeling wholeness in yourself and your partner
Healing the Family System: designed by Magui Block. In which Magui has integrated concepts from Family Constellations Therapy created by Bert Hellinger, along with her own knowledge and therapeutic experience, into the Resonance Repatterning model developed by Chloe Faith Wordsworth.

Healing the Family System introduces the principles of family systems theory within the context of nine original Resonance Repatterning protocols. These Repatternings transform dissonant family and generational patterns by restoring proper place and value to each family member. The Repatternings apply equally well to corporations, where honoring the place and value of each individual in the hierarchy creates new opportunities for resonant leadership.

The healing modalities using the following Healing the Family System Repatternings:
  • Including the Excluded Repatterning
  • Creating Order in the Family System Repatterning
  • Balance between Giving and Taking Repatterning
  • Taking Our Parents Repatterning (receiving all the energy of our parents)
  • Systemic Loyalties Repatterning
  • Co-dependence Repatterning
  • Struggle for Power Repatterning
  • Cycles of Violence Repatterning
  • Repatterning for Organizations

Reference: "Loves Hidden Symmetry" by Bert Hellinger

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