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The Resonance Repatterning® Process, was developed by Chloe Faith Wordsworth over a 25-year period of studying and practicing many healing systems. Chloe synthesized this new and dynamic system for positive change in 1990 by applying her training in Acupuncture, Polarity Therapy, brain integration and other healing systems along with her knowledge of psychology, physics, sound frequencies and the holographic model.

The problems we face often feel unchangeable. When we understand the Resonance paradigm and the work of Einstein and new physics, it becomes clear that all matter consists of vibrating wave patterns of energy. Therefore, all problems or symptoms of distress are also frequency wave patterns of energy. Frequencies can be changed as easily as we change the frequency of a radio or television set. The only thing that is required is a system that allows us to do this easily and effectively.

Resonance Repatterning® (RR) is one such system. It enables us to change the frequency wave patterns and transform the negative perceptions and beliefs that underlie our limitations in the form of poor health, difficulty in relationships, and other stresses in life.

Dr. Hans Jeny, a well-known Swiss Scientist, did some fascinating experiments with frequencies. He played different sound frequencies through a metal plate that had sand on top of it. He discovered that the sand would vibrate into different forms according to the sound frequency he played. For example, one sound might cause the sand to vibrate into the pattern of a starfish and another might cause it to vibrate into the pattern of a tree.

Dr. Guy Manners from England continued this experiment by asking the English Observatory to record the sound frequency of the Crab Nebula. He then played this recorded sound through a metal plate that had sand on top, and the sand immediately vibrated into the exact shape of the Crab Nebula!

What we are seeing is that frequency wave patterns, whether of light or sound, create the form. The wave patterns created by our perceptions, our energy frequencies, and the intention we resonate with determine how we experience life: with good health or disease, joy or depression, ease or struggle.

In Resonance Repatterning we use applied kinesiology to access the body/mind system. The responses we get indicate the unconscious negative patterns that the system is really resonating with. We then use applied kinesiology to identify the Self-Healing Modalities necessary to shift the resonance.

In Resonance Repatterning we refer to applied kinesiology as 'muscle checking,' which comes from the Autonomic Nervous System that consists of the Sympathetic Nervous System and the Parasympathetic Nervous System. When we were born, we started to breathe automatically; our heart beats automatically, which comes from the Autonomic Nervous System. These nerve strands are connected to every gland, muscle, organ, tissue in the body that are active (sympathetic system), or passive - sleep, meditation (parasympathetic system). With the use of muscle-checking we get a binary 'On', or 'Off' response. 'On' (sympathetic nervous system), 'Off' (parasympathetic system) - David R Hawkins, M.D Ph.D states in his book "Power vs Force"

"Man thinks he lives by virtue of the forces he can control, but in fact, he's governed by power from unrevealed sources, power over which he has no control."

This is accessed by muscle checking using the client's arm, where gentle pressure is applied. In addition, we are able to select with muscle checking from a comprehensive menu of modalities from many different systems that change the frequency that would be applicable to the individual client, at a physical, mental, emotional and spirit level.

When we no longer resonate with the negative, the positive is free to manifest in our lives.

Your Experience

In a Resonance Repatterning™ session, you will notice that the practitioner muscle checks from the Mandala (see the illustration), with your permission, to determine what your body-mind system needs. Your practitioner will teach you what it feels like to receive muscle checking by a gentle touch on your arm. Your resonances with statements of growth or limitation are measured in this way.

This will give us a new kind of awareness as we realize that our body and its energy field holds so much information, all oriented to our optimal survival and well-being. This information to support our growth is available in a safe, new way that is accessible both to you and your practitioner. The practitioner has a number of Resonance Repatterning™ books to find the precise data that's most relevant for you. You are not being diagnosed, judged, interpreted or fixed: you and your practitioner have connected at a deep level where you yourself are directing the outcome via the muscle checking.

Every session comes to a resolution. You are never left in the middle of an incomplete issue because the session time is up. At the end of every session, the practitioner muscle checks on you to verify that you no longer resonate with patterns of limitation, and that you strongly resonate with the patterns of growth you most need. Most people feel lighter; some euphoric. To support your new energy state, your practitioner will muscle check to identify if you need a positive action to sustain your positive resonance during the days that follow your session.

Number of Sessions

How many Resonance Repatterning™ sessions you receive depends on how much Life you want. It depends on how you are feeling, how you are handling stressful circumstances, your level of health, your mental state, what you want in your relationships and career. The number of sessions you have is determined by your need and the benefit you receive from your practitioner.

The Mandala

The Mandala is the organizing principle in every Resonance Repatterning™ session, and represents the basis for all positive change. The practitioner refers to its options throughout every session Its segments determine the exact combination of Mandala options that the client's energy system requires.

The Resonance Repatterning™ system is not a linear or sequential process, because of pattern complexity. This means that a session can begin or end at any point on the Mandala, depending on what is required by your self-regulating life-energy.

Typical Users

The purpose of the Resonance Repatterning system encourages us to have compassion for the human condition in a practical way that makes quantum change possible for everyone.


The drive for personal growth, for emotional well-being, and for a sense of purpose represents needs that are innate and universal to all people. When these needs are blocked and go unmet, we can feel angry, sad, unsafe and depressed. Our relationships also suffer in response to our own inner disharmony. These are the primary conditions that Resonance Repatterning practitioners have been successfully alleviating for themselves and for others.


Parents realize that their children can receive numerous benefits from the Resonance Repatterning system. Children are helped with learning issues, with making friends, with feeling more confident, and in overcoming depression and suicidal tendencies.

People with health challenges

Many physical symptoms, including headaches, allergies, pain, high blood pressure and sometimes chronic physical problems have responded positively to Resonance Repatterning sessions. This is because the underlying negative resonance has been identified and transformed in the energy field. To paraphrase energy researcher and author Valerie Hunt: non-coherence in the field manifests as non-coherence in the physical body-mind. Sometimes the positive change that is experienced comes as a surprise. A client may come for a session to resolve a problem relationship and later discover that his or her chronic headache has disappeared.


Because the Resonance Repatterning system empowers people to efficiently change their resonance with depression, past abuse, pain, stress and trauma, mental health professionals apply the process to create effective quantum change for their patients. Nurses, chiropractors, medical doctors and other healthcare professionals use the process for additional support: for their patients undergoing surgery, for spinal subluxations and other medical treatments. A medical doctor, who teaches residents in a medical facility, devotes his private practice to the Resonance Repatterning™ system because of the healing results he obtains.

Business people

People in the business world attend, seeking ways to maintain their energetic balance in the stress of the corporate environment. The three main challenges all businesses face: communication, trust and team management, respond well to the Resonance Repatterning™ system. Whether a session is done with a group or at the executive level, changes in resonance affect the entire corporate community. Research shows that a 1% improvement in the corporate sales culture results in a 2% improvement in sales. Resonant leadership results in improved inner well-being as well as improved trust, performance and sales.

Life coaches and consultants

The Resonance Repatterning system enables coaches to assess the clients' real needs for goal setting and problem solving. Because the system is able to access information from deeper levels of our being, it aligns us with both our true self and our true purpose. People who experience difficulties in their career or in their sense of purpose find clarity through sessions that shift their resonance with distractions, false loyalties, fear of achievement, procrastination and lack of assertiveness. The result is a surer sense of direction, more fulfilling occupations, improved relationships and an alignment with success.


The Resonance Repatterning system enables athletes to transform the unconscious patterns that block their achievement of "the zone" of peak performance. Once their resonance is cleared, there is a noticeable improvement in their skills, performance, development of technique, their ability to handle stress in competitive situations and to work as an entrained whole with their team.


Those in the field of science and computer technology appreciate the well-ordered structure and practical application of the Resonance Repatterning™ system, which integrates the step-down of consciousness through the mind, emotions and body with basic concepts from new physics, the holographic model and the energy models of China and India.

Animals and Plants

By using the Resonance Repatterning process with animals, like working with children, often has dramatic results. Given the right circumstances of safety, love and a tool to resolve the pain of past unmet life needs, it seems as though they are ready to clear the non-coherent patterns as quickly as possible. People who use the process on their plants report positive, sometimes astonishing growth results.

The whole of creation is a field of pulsing, vibrating energy. When energy is blocked in its natural pulsation, then pain, disease and problems result whether in a human, animal or plant.

Spiritual Path

The Resonance Repatterning Institute teaches a holistic self-healing system that supports positive, natural change in any field of endeavor. Its foundation and inner structure include spiritual principles, but it is not a spiritual path or a substitute for a religious practice. In the Resonance Repatterning™ system, we recognize that energy consists of varying frequencies, the most highly vibrating of which we call the soul. When this frequency is stepped down in vibration it is known as the mind, which at a lower frequency manifests as the emotions. The lowest and most dense frequency vibration produces the physical body.

All non-coherence occurs at the vibratory level of the mind, emotions and body. The coherence of each level of vibration is nurtured in specific ways: the soul through worship of the divine; the mind through positive attitude and uplifting, focused thought; the emotions through constructive feeling responses and having one's basic life needs met; the body through healthy, life-enhancing food, liquids, movement and air as well as through beauty, harmony and truth.

The Resonance Repatterning Institute values tolerance, diversity and basic human rights. The Resonance Repatterning books are worded in such a way that all religious beliefs are respected. In addition, the Resonance Repatterning system teachers and practitioners are sensitive to varying religious and spiritual beliefs and are considerate of each person's religious or spiritual choice.

The Resonance Repatterning system, like Energy Medicine and some other complementary health care methods, uses the binary ON/OFF muscle response to track exactly what our body-mind system needs for survival and well-being. This is more fully covered under the Applied Kinesiology tab.

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