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Reflexology - the technique of healing through compression or finger massage at specific pressure points on the feet has been in practice for a long time. Like acupuncture, is said to have had its origins with the Chinese at least 5000 years ago, and was used to facilitate natural healing, ease pain, reduce stress and tension, or just for pleasurable relaxation.

Reflexology, as it is known today, is an empirical method not deducted from theoretical considerations, but has its base in thorough observations and practical experience.

The English physician, Dr. William Fitzgerald, who lived most of his professional life in the USA, discovered in about 1912 definite reflex connections throughout the body. He systematized his studies and found that the human body can be divided into ten vertical zones which terminate in the ten fingers and ten toes. Each zone of the body traverses one or more organs, tissues and glands in the body and the reflexes to the anatomy are to be found in a corresponding zone on the feet.

Reflexology is based on the understanding that the feet and hands, reflect the whole body. These parts are referred to as microsystems. In the practice of reflexology some of these microsystems are worked to relieve stress and tension throughout the body. It is observed that frequently this relief of stress and tension will effectively relieve pain and facilitate natural healing.

Reflexology has been proven to have beneficial results for a number of physical ailments; back and neck problems, P.M.S (that involves the four main endocrine glands), easily accessible on the feet; Asthma problems by stimulating the pituitary gland and the ileocaecal valve.

Due to those discoveries a new method of compression massage was developed about fifty years ago by Eunice D. Ingham, a highly gifted masseuse who lived in the USA. The treatment of the reflexes of the feet has been successfully practiced on many thousands of patients throughout the world.

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